Stefania Mussolino

Stefania Mussolino born in Naples on 31/12/1981 began her training at the Art School of Naples where she had the opportunity study and learn the basis of all the disciplines related to visual arts. At the end of the High School she began an intership at the leading laboratories of Nativity Scenes Art of Naples, at the same time she enriches her technical knowledge studying Architecture and Design. After about ten years of experience in the field of small sculptures modeling and terracotta shepherds, she improves her training to find new ideas enrolling at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. The next step was the opening of the laboratory in a place away from the famous street of the cribs San Gregorio Armeno. The laboratory was opened near the San Severo Chapel which houses one of the most beautiful treasures of Neapolitan sculpture, in harmony with the artistic line that distinguishes and merges tradition and innovation. Her artistic growth, through the whole land craft linked to the XVIII Century Neapolitan shepherds, is enriched by the professional experience and studies developed under the design and production, more generally, of art objects, creating in her very special sensitivity, recognized by other artists as well.

Its proximity to Cappella Sansevero makes it an inevitable stop for those who, following the paths of art of this wonderful city, wants to take away a piece that is the artistic expression of its artisans that creates unique works, the idea sought for special moments or just the latest creation of the artist.