The cornerstone

The cornerstone (il cardine) is a basis element around which everything revolves, that rules over all, and art can be considered a "cornerstone" of life of a society, of the history of people; but cornerstones are at the same time all the roads that intersect the decumani of the center of Naples, the main streets in the heart of the city, a dense network of narrow streets full of history, art and local specialties. The name intersects, in turn, these two aspects in a context, the Neapolitan one, consisting of antithesis that magically come together and "work". So the sacred and the profane get closer to each other and the tradition discovers new ways to create the beautiful, in the hope that the experience of the place continues to rotate around it.

Its proximity to Cappella Sansevero makes it an inevitable stop for those who, following the paths of art of this wonderful city, wants to take away a piece that is the artistic expression of its artisans that creates unique works, the idea sought for special moments or just the latest creation of the artist.